To present at the 2018 AELERT Conference you must submit an abstract proposal in the approved form.

You must submit an abstract for the Conference by Monday 16 October 2017 via this link.



These are the key dates in the abstract submission and review process:

Step in the process Date
Abstracts submission open Monday 17 July 2017
Abstract submission closes Monday 16 October 2017
Abstract submission review complete and draft program prepared TBC
Abstract Authors advised of outcome TBC
AELERT 2018 Conference program released November 2017

 How to submit an abstract 


The abstract must address the following key points (in 500 words or less):

1. Summary of the presentation

2. Relevance of the presentation

a. Do you cross-cut regulators? (i.e. if you are an EPA presenter is your presentation relevant to non-EPA regulators and/or to other jurisdictions)

b. Are your themes or lessons scaleable? (i.e. can the lessons learnt or the outputs produced be applied at a broader level)

c. Has your idea been tested? (i.e. can you report on the outcomes or impact of the work/project? What did you learn from the project?)

d. Is this new? (i.e. are you adding value to those who attend your presentation? Has this been done recently (i.e. last 2 years)? Has it been done by another regulator in Australia or NZ before? If it hasn’t been done before, why?)

e. Does the presentation address an important problem? (i.e. is this an important environmental issue or problem for regulators)

f. Does the presentation contribute to the discussion ‘Is being right enough?’

Questions about the submission process can be directed to the conference organisers.

Name: Nicole Murphy Phone: 02 6281 6624 Email: nicole@conlog.com.au

Selection Criteria

Abstracts will be reviewed against the following criteria:

1. Relevance

a. This category will be assessed with reference to the six elements that abstract submissions must address (see above).

2. Clarity

a. Is it clear what the take home message for attendees is?

b. Is it clear what value this presentation can contribute to the conference?

c. Is it clear how this presentation fits within the conference theme?

3. Quality

a. The submission addresses the requested criteria.

b. It is well written and considered, indicating a professional presentation.

Once abstracts have been reviewed and shortlisted, the mix of abstracts will be refined to ensure, as far as possible, selected presentations:

  • cover a wide range of topics,
  • cover a range of practice areas, and
  • represent the mix of organisations that are members of AELERT.


  • Each of the seven AELERT Cluster and Working Groups are allocated one presentation session. Clusters must still submit their proposal through the formal Abstract Submission process, in the required format and by the required date.
  • Where there is significant duplication or overlap on a topic by a number of quality proposals, the option of a panel discussion may be considered.
  • Particularly impressive abstracts may be considered for a Plenary Session. The Abstract Author will be contacted to discuss this.