AELERT Achievement Awards 2018

The AELERT Achievement Awards recognise AELERT’s signature values and beliefs: collaboration, leadership, excellence, innovation and improvement in environmental regulation.

This year's Achievement Awards were announced at the 2018 AELERT Conference Dinner in Sydney. For those of you who weren’t there, please join us in congratulating our winners.

The award for Achievement in Building the Regulatory Craft is to celebrate a person or group who has significantly contributed to the regulatory craft. Their contribution should span jurisdictional boundaries.

This year's award was presented to Light Industry Program Partners, WA Department of Water and Environmental Regulation.

The program was created to protect Perth’s Swan and Canning river systems by preventing contaminants such as oil, coolant, paint and pesticides from entering groundwater and stormwater drainage systems from light industrial premises, and in doing so demonstrated achievement in each of the four MRIT themes, and many of the attributes, at a high level.

The project collaborated across local and state governments, involving seven councils and two state agencies.

The program’s focus on capability enhancement in a co-regulatory situation was impressive and yielded an extremely good level of compliance improvement.

One outcome of the program was capacity building in the seven local governments, an important result for developing the regulatory craft. There were impressive reductions in non-compliance rates over the course of the program.

You can read the nomination here.

The award for Achievement in the Regulatory Profession, is to honour a person or group who has excelled or significantly improved in their personal regulatory performance within their home agency.

This year's recipient was Ken Raine, Senior Manager of the Western Australian Pollution Response team of the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER).

A Pollution Response Unit was initiated by Ken after the Bellevue chemical fire incident in 2001 which caused the WA Government to finance a Pollution/Hazmat response team.

Ken has led the unit for over 14 years and has not lost his commitment, energy or vision to improve pollution response, not only as a job for DWER and the Minister but for the people of WA, to ensure their wellbeing and safety.

The judges felt that Ken Raine displayed not only a level of technical excellence in pollution response, he has displayed leadership qualities by driving knowledge-sharing and capability building across the network.

His nomination described Ken's long-standing commitment to building pollution response capabilities, collaboration, interoperability and response excellence.

Read Ken's nomination here.