The program for the 2018 AELERT Conference is now available.


With more than 50 in-depth presentations on topics ranging from Retrofitting our toolbox through Technology and Information to Headspace, there will be a great deal to take in and take away from the Conference.

Important aspects of the program to note include:

  • Cluster and group meetings on Tuesday 13 February 
  • The Hive - an opportunity to like minded people to gather and buzz about either Resorative Justice or Drone Technology 
  • Poster presentations during Wednesday and Thursday lunchtime 
  • Storytelling workshop with James Hoggan

Along with impressive keynote presentations:

  • James Hoggan, PR expert and author 
  • Natalie Isaacs, Founder/CEO 1 Million Women campaign 
  • Pragati Shahi, Environmental Journalist, WildTiger

The AELERT conference is a unique opportunity for environmental law practitioners, regulators and people working with our regulated communities to come together and share experiences, knowledge and expertise.


Registration is closed. 

The program is subject to change.