Discussion Board Rules

When posting and using information on the Discussion Board, members are required to act in accordance with their local code(s) of conduct and public service/government legislation.

Posts and information on the Discussion Board are for the use of current AELERT members only. Confidential or sensitive information relating to investigations and enforcement activity should not be posted in these discussions.

Whilst this area of the website is password protected and all efforts are made to secure the AELERT website, members are not to disclose any classified, sensitive or personal information.

Users should ensure that they comply with the corporate standards or guidelines required by their agency with regard to the release and sharing of information and use of the internet when posting material.

Posts reflect the views of AELERT member officers and not necessarily those of the AELERT Secretariat who manages the AELERT website.  The Secretariat retains the right to withdraw content or access where it is deemed necessary to do so.

Members are encouraged to report suspected misuse immediately to the AELERT Secretariat.