Working Groups and Communities of Practice

AELERT Working Groups bMeeting groupring together practitioners from various agencies and jurisdictions to undertake collaborative work on mutual regulatory challenges. Working Groups and Communities of Practice are established and discontinued by the AELERT National Council and function to complete the work priorities identified by the National Council. 

To find out more about the work being undertaken by each of the Working Groups, you can read the AELERT Work Plan.

Current Groups

Aboriginal Inclusion Community of Practice

The purpose of this group is to build the capability of environmental regulators to achieve indigenous inclusion.

Better Regulation Working Group

This Group develops best practice principles and tools for environmental compliance and regulation. Their resources support modern and effective regulatory functions.

Capacity Building Working Group

The Capacity Building Working Group coordinates a range of training programs and initiatives, including the National Competency and Training Standards project, shared learning resources and the Professional Development & Training Program (an initiative led by NSW EPA).

Communications and Engagement Working Group

The Communications and Engagement Working Group recognises that effective communication is an integral part of a high performing regulatory agency, and one which has been identified as a common challenge amongst AELERT members.

Emergency Operations Working Group

This Group includes representatives from all Australian jurisdictions and is focused on incident and emergency management in the environmental sphere.

Intelligence & Analysis Community of Practice 

This is a newly formed Working Group, if you are involved in Intelligence within your organisation you may benefit by joining the group and building the Intelligence network across Australia.

Legal Practice and Policy Working Group

The Legal Practice and Policy Working Group focusses on projects that will build a repository of shared knowledge on environmental legal issues, so as to facilitate better environmental, community and legislative reform outcomes.

Operations Working Group

This Group brings together experts in environmental crime, who work together to study emerging trends and current issues that require a national response. The Group implements tactical enforcement initiatives to support better practice in enforcement.

Waste Crime Community of Practice 

The role of the group is to provide an environment to support the ongoing exchange of information and intelligence relating to waste regulation, enforcement and investigation outcomes and enable open communication about policies and procedures.

Water Compliance Community of Practice

The purpose of the group is to share information on cross-cutting issues, solve problems, and promote best practice in water compliance policy and operations across different jurisdictions in a collaborative way, while building capability within the AELERT network.

Wildlife Crime Community of Practice 

Newly formed group. Email Secretariat to get involved