Better Regulation Cluster

Co-Chair: Kimberly MaioloProgram Manager Better Regulation   Regulatory Reform Projects, Strategy and Assessment, Environment Protection Authority SA

Co-Chair: Meaghan Burkett, Senior Team Leader for Compliance Strategy and Audit, NSW Office of Environment and Heritage 

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Better Regulation Cluster
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The Better Regulation Cluster began life as the Compliance and Audit Sub-Committee of AELERT. Its focus has evolved from operational compliance matters to now encompass regulatory theory and practice. Its members include officers with both operational experience and a strategic or policy focus, giving it a wide range of knowledge and experience to draw upon. The Cluster operates in a flexible way, with opportunities for officers from outside the Cluster to participate in Cluster projects.

Better Regulation Cluster Terms of Reference 

  1. Develop products and tools to assist AELERT members to develop the attributes of a modern regulator (excluding those areas that fall within the remit of the Capacity Building and Legal Practice Clusters).

  2. Update, as needed, the Modern Regulator Improvement Tool.

  3. Provide a platform for cluster members to share experiences and ideas related to regulatory practice

Current Projects

Defining effective regulation

The Cluster is preparing a paper for the Steering Committee to define ‘effective regulation’. It is uncontroversial that regulators seek to be effective in carrying out their roles, but what does it mean to be effective as a regulator, especially when important stakeholders (such as the community or regulated industries) may have different views and expectations about the regulator?

Measuring success

It is a perennial challenge for regulators to produce a compelling account of the work that they do and the value that they add. The Steering Committee has asked the Cluster to prepare a paper that proposes a best practice approach to measuring success for environmental regulators.