Capacity Building Cluster

IMG 0278Chair: Daniel Walters, Environment Protection Authority ACT

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Capacity Building Cluster
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The Capacity Building Cluster coordinates a range of training programs and initiatives, including the National Competency and Training Standards project, shared learning resources and the Professional Development & Training Program (an initiative led by NSW EPA).

National competency and training standards

This new project aims to map and review training standards for authorised officers, to inform a standard set of competencies for environmental regulators.

To find out more about this project, or to participate, please contact the project lead, Chris Webb, AELERT Director. 

IMG 0397Professional Development & Training Program

The Professional Development and Training Program is an initiative of NSW EPA.

This program coordinates and delivers a suite of accredited and non-accredited courses that are open to environmental regulatory practitioners.

For further information or enquiries about the Professional Development & Training Program please visit the PDT website (external link) or contact Amiette Wakenshaw (NSW OEH) on (02) 9995 5520 or via email.