Capacity Building Working Group

IMG 0278Chair: Daniel Walters, Environment , Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate, ACT

Steering Committee Sponsor: Claire Anderson, QLD Department of Environment and Science

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The Capacity Building Working Group coordinates a range of training programs and initiatives, including the National Competency and Training Standards project, the Regulatory Officer Capability Framwork, learning resources and the Professional Development & Training Program (an initiative led by NSW EPA).

Current Projects

Authorised Officers Policy

The purpose is to provide a policy framework outlining the experience, training, qualifications, and other requirements to appoint a person as an authorised officer in a regulatory role, allowing them to exercise powers under legislation. The policy is intended to assist AELERT member agencies to identify core requirements in developing their own policies.  

 AELERT Regulatory Officer Capability Self-Evaluation Tool

The project will allow Regulatory Officers to evaluate their skills and capabilities against the AELERT Regulatory Officer Capability Framework through on online portal. The project will benefit AELERT member agencies by advancing regulatory practice and identifying and supporting development and training needs and opportunities.

 Training Matrix

This proposal is for a matrix of training available nationally to support the Regulatory Officer Capability Framework and to provide a portal for AELERT member agencies to identify training to facilitate professional development within their organisations.

Regulatory Officer Capability Framework

The Working Group developed the Regulatory Officer Capability Framework that descirbes the core capabilities and skill sets required of regulatory officers from new starters through to managers and executives in regulatory agencies.

The tool is designed to be used regardless of the regulatory profession and assists agencies to improve workforce planning and achieve regulatory objectives. Individual officers can also use it to identify their own training and development needs.


Framework Infographic

13 Capabilities (you are required to be an AELERT Member to access these documents)


PowerPoint Presentation about the project, presented at the 2018 AELERT Conference.


IMG 0397Professional Development & Training Program

The Professional Development and Training Program is an initiative of NSW EPA.

This program coordinates and delivers a suite of accredited and non-accredited courses that are open to environmental regulatory practitioners.

For further information or enquiries about the Professional Development & Training Program please visit the PDT website (external link).