Communications, Engagement and Behaviour Change Working Group


Steering Committee Sponsor: Narelle Sargent, ACT EPA

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Communications, Engagement and Behaviour Change Collaboration Page


The Communications, Engagement and Behaviour Change Working Group was established in February 2016 at the direction of the AELERT Steering Committee. The group recognises that effective communication is an integral part of a high performing regulatory agency, and one which has been identified as a common challenge amongst AELERT members.

Current project : Risk Communication Toolkit

The Working Group is currently compiling three Risk Communication Toolkits, providing AELERT members with access to best practice strategies and methods to apply in risk communication scenarios. Project deliverables include:

  • The creation of a practical diagnostic tool that will allow members to easily identify the type of risk communication that is appropriate for their situation: Crisis Communication, Outrage Management or Peace-time Communication.
  • The development of three ‘toolkits’ that provide members with best practice and practical communication and engagement methods in each of the aforementioned scenarios.
  • The production of a collection of case studies that demonstrate both effective and less effective communications and engagement methods. These case studies will help AELERT members to understand how the toolkits can be implemented.

It is envisaged that these products will help AELERT member agencies to pursue their communications and engagement functions in a more strategic and informed manner, incorporating best practice theory and practice. By compiling a range of relevant information into easy-to-use toolkits, members will save time and money that would otherwise be spent devising strategies within each individual agency.