Emergency Operations Working Group

Emergency response 3Chair: Jane Burgett, NSW EPA

Vice Chair: Ken Raine, DWER

Steering Committee Sponsor: Cindy Ong, TAS EPA

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Emergency Operations Collaboration Page

The Emergency Operations Working Group was first established in February 2015 with representatives from all Australian jurisdictions and is focused on incident and emergency management.

The Group's objectives are:

  1. To promote national harmonisation in environmental incident and emergency management, within the parameters of each state’s framework
  2. To establish a common set of competencies for training for environmental responders
  3. Knowledge sharing
  4. Access to expertise
  5. Pooling and sharing of specialist equipment
  6. Interoperability for surge capability
  7. National solutions to state problems

Meetings are held four times per year, with each alternate meeting being a teleconference. Face-to-face meetings are scheduled subject to members being able to travel.

For more information, contact Kevin Rowley at Kevin.Rowley@sa.gov.au