Statement of Better Practice

2012 11 AELERT Forum (84)AELERT’S Statement of Better Practice was developed by 60 AELERT member officers at the 2012 AELERT Forum on Regulatory Practice. Throughout the Forum, member officers reflected on the elements of better regulatory practice, culminating in the Statement of Better Practice in Environmental Regulation.

Statement of Better Practice

Better practice environmental regulators protect and improve the environment by:

  • Being relevant, responsive and empowering the community;

  • Educating duty holders about the law and how to comply with it;

  • Collaborating with sister regulators and acting as part of a whole;

  • Valuing learning;

  • Informing efficient legislative frameworks;

  • Focusing on results through being risk-based and agile;

  • Contributing to the broader government agenda;

  • Recognising the importance of acting with passion, integrity, resilience and maturity;

  • Accountability & Governance; the need for robust internal governance mechanisms to support the administration of regulatory functions.