The AELERT conference is a unique opportunity for environmental law practitioners, regulators and people working with our regulated communities to come together and share experiences, knowledge and expertise.

THE AELERT community is a broad community. AELERT has 1809 members from all over the world. The 2015 conference was held in Brisbane, Queensland. It was attended by just over 300 delegates from 76 agencies and businesses. The 2015 Conference was attended by representatives from: New Zealand and every state and territory of Australia; every level of government (local, state and federal); non-government organisations; non-environmental government agencies (such as Police, Attorney Generals, CSIRO); the private sector; international regulatory professional networks; and academia.

The AELERT 2018 Conference program, to be held over two and a half days, aims to cater for wildlife, biodiversity and conservation, pollution, marine and water regulators working at all levels of government. As well as the other practice areas that fit within our umbrella (i.e. biosecurity, cultural heritage, climate change). The Conference aims to strike a balance between technical and operational topics and broader policy and strategic discussions.

The main formats for presenting at the 2018 Conference will be:

  1. Plenary session presentations: 30 - 45 mins
  2. Break out session presentations: 45 mins (30 min presentation, 10 min questions, 5 min transition)
  3. Break out session panel discussions: 45 minutes (3 x 7 min presentations, 10 mins panel discussion, 10 min open questions, 5 min transition
  4. Posters: 1 x A3 poster for each submission. Successful poster submissions need to be manned during break periods at the conference.

A full Conference Program incorporating a Conference Dinner, social functions, cluster meetings and networking events, will be available in early November 2017.