Capacity Building Cluster - Regulatory Officer Capability Framework

The Capacity Building Cluster has completed their project to develop a universal Capability Framework for Regulatory Officers.  It is now available to AELERT members to download from the website.

This framework captures the core capabilities and skill sets required of regulatory officers working in regulatory agencies.

The tool provides regulatory agencies with common language to describe the skills, knowledge and attributes that are critical to building regulatory capability across the various proficiencies.

It allows for greater capacity for professional development through access to common resources, as well as greater mobility for regulatory professionals across the sector by promoting transferrable skills.

The tool is able to be utilised regardless of the regulatory profession. It aims to assist agencies with improved workforce planning and achievement of regulatory objectives. Individual officers can also use it to identify their own training needs in order to achieve career advancement and engage in continuous professional development opportunities.

Five core capabilities were identified, each with underpinning skills sets and behavioural indicators. The skill sets are then divided into five capability levels, from foundational through to highly advanced, reflecting the varying level of knowledge and skills required depending on the role of the regulatory officer. Under this Framework, an officer is expected to possess all behavioural indicators for one capability level before progressing onto the next level, i.e. behavioural indicators have cumulative requirements.

View the Regulatory Officer Capability Framework