PODCAST: Erosion and Sediment Control Compliance

In February 2018, Eugene Immisch of the Department of Environment and Science in Queensland explained how evaluating the performance of erosion and sediment controls can be technically challenging.

Determining compliance can be a tricky business and the range of potential control measures to manage risks is large and riddled with technical complexity. Eugene explored the use of a consistent, transparent and repeatable investigation methodology as a tool to assist regulators when assessing the effectiveness of erosion and sediment controls and establishing compliance.

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Eugene Immisch is a Compliance Delivery Manager, with the Environmental Services and Regulation Division of the Department of Environment and Science.

Eugene holds qualifications in both Environmental Science and Environmental Engineering and has 18 years of experience in the environmental sector, 10 in the department. He has championed compliance programs focused on improving erosion and sediment control practices and worked to improve the regulator's understanding.