Network News - Out now!

This month’s issue features the relaunch of our AELERT Environmental Liabilities Community of Practice. Environmental liability and compliance regulations are very important - industry needs to know of its obligations when leasing land, extracting resources, or dealing with the by-products of manufacturing. And environmental regulators, like us, need to take the lead on making sure industry is aware of, and complies with, any legislation relevant to their business undertakings.

AELERT Executive Officer, Zoé Kennedy recently attended the annual seminar of the Australian Institute of Local Government Rangers where she met with Council Rangers from across NSW and introduced them to the benefits of AELERT membership. So far there have been three new agency sign ups as a result of this conference.

The Water Compliance Community of Practice update us on the success of their recent forum. With over 13 organisations represented, this is a great example of how the AELERT network aims to improve capacity building and information sharing amongst environmental regulators.

Also featured in this month's Network News are upcoming events, new member agencies, highlighted discussion board topics and a select digest of the latest news – local, national and international – on environmental protection and enforcement.