NRAR's Chief Regulatory Officer to chat with AELERT at upcoming webinar

AELERT National Council member and Chief Regulatory Officer for the NSW Natural Resources Access Regulator (NRAR), Grant Barnes will discuss NRAR's journey at an upcoming Members-only webinar on 2 August.

NRAR was created to change the water compliance landscape in NSW.  

Established under the Natural Resources Access Regulator Act 2017 (NRAR Act), their mandate is to deliver effective, transparent and accountable enforcement of the laws.

NRAR also works to maintain public confidence in the enforcement of those laws. 

"Through our work, there's acknowledgement amongst most water users that they can't take that extra drop, that every drop does count, particularly so in circumstance of drought." 

Grant Barnes, quoted for ABC Landline in a recent story

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*Due to a global outage on Microsoft Teams, this webinar was postponed to August 2.

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