Book:Environmental Crime and Collaborative State Intervention

Looking for something new to read? This book was published in the lead up to the AELERT conference and focuses on the role and value of various forms of collaboration. It is the result of a collaboration between AELERT Members, and includes a Foreword by long term AELERT supporter, Professor Malcolm Sparrow.

Bringing together a range of international academics and practitioners in the field, Environmental Crime and Collaborative State Intervention examines the role and practical dynamics of governmental environmental law enforcement agencies and individuals who are engaged in activities aimed to combat environmental crime. Key players include organisations such as CITES, the International Network for Environmental Compliance and Enforcement, INTERPOL, UNICRI, US EPA, the World Customs Organization, and state-based environmental protection agencies. Responding to environmental crime involves a wide range of horizontal, vertical and diagonal collaborations, across many different domains and sectors.

In his review, Professor Sparrow from Harvard University suggests:

'Anyone who is interested in how collaborative networks form and what opportunities they offer will find [this] collection of essays rich and inspiring.' (From the foreword)

In his review, Professor Nigel South, University of Essex notes that:

'The book brings together an impressive range of contributors from environmental law, enforcement and regulation. The clear objective is to enable shared learning, conversations and collaborations – increasingly vital endeavours given the cross-border, global challenge of environmental crimes and dangers.'

Edited by Grant Pink (University of New England) and Rob White (University of Tasmania).

To find out more and/or to purchase a copy through Palgrave MacMillian.

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