e-Monitoring Technology

A practice involving new technology has caught our attention – the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA), an Australian Government agency responsible for the efficient management and sustainable use of Commonwealth fish resources, has implemented electronic management technology (e-Monitoring) to improve fisheries management practices.

e-Monitoring allows for greater insight into fishing operations, including the state of fish stocks and the impacts of fishing on the marine environment. It also allows for fishers to demonstrate that they are following the necessary fisheries management arrangements.

This system is another great example of how technology, through the use ofvideo cameras and sensors capable of monitoring and recording fishing activities, allows for better environmental outcomes. For more information about AFMA’s e-monitoring program, visit www.afma.gov.au.

AFMA is also a member of the AELERT network.

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Tod Spencer

1917 days ago

Just a correction - AFMA is the Australian Fisheries Management Authority!


Debbie Bletsas

1917 days ago

Hey Tod, thanks so much for the pick up and apologies for the error - our bad.

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