Backyard solarium owner feels the heat

An Adelaide man has become the first person to face court proceedings following the introduction of laws banning commercial tanning beds. The 27 year old faces fines of up to $10,000 for charging customers to use three tanning beds in his backyard.

The case, being prosecuted by SA EPA, will be watched closely by jurisdictions with similar legislation including New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory.

SA EPA alleges that the man advertised to customers through social media, including Instagram and Facebook, where he traded under the name "Sharelarium". It is alleged that between 18 February 2015 and 3 March 2015 he was in possession of three Ergoline brand tanning units at his home. During this period he provided a tanning service to customers, for which he received payment. Such actions breach Regulation 5 of the Regulation Protection and Control (non-ionising radiation) Regulations 2013.

The man has yet to enter a plea, with the case being adjourned to 9 February 2016.

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