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Welcome Canada!


We are excited to welcome the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment to AELERT as an Affiliate member. The Canadian agency is AELERT’s first member outside of Australasia, introducing a range of opportunities for international collaboration.

The Ministry manages the Province of Saskatchewan’s diverse landscapes and renewable natural resources in a manner that supports a healthy environment, a growing economy and strong, vibrant communities.

Lawrence Baschak, Manager of Enterprise Performance Management at the Ministry, contacted AELERT to gain access to the Modern Regulator Improvement Tool, developed by the network’s Better Regulation Cluster.

“I’ve come across AELERT in the past, and with the very helpful assistance of the AELERT Secretariat have accessed specific presentations from the network’s conferences, which have been relevant to my work," Lawrence said. “Now I’m conducting research for a compliance and enforcement project, and so was really interested to access the Modern Regulator Improvement Tool”.

Canada seagullBy becoming an Affiliate member, all staff at the Ministry now have access to a selection of AELERT’s resources and discussion board.

The Ministry of Environment has a range of regulatory responsibilities including legislation and policy development, compliance and enforcement, emergency response and continuous improvement.

“Having access to AELERT agency initiatives, conference proceedings, working groups and best practices would benefit our work,” said Lawrence. “Plus I hope that sharing our own work will do the same for our Australasian colleagues!”

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Thank you for everything Kiran!


It is with great sadness that the AELERT Steering Committee and Secretariat are farewelling our amazing Communications Officer, Kiran Groom, this week.

Kiran has been a fantastic addition to AELERT and has done a wonderful job growing our Network. Thanks to Kiran’s hard work, AELERT has bravely entered the digital age and she leaves us with a brilliantly re-designed website, active discussion boards, and lots of interesting webinars to come. Kiran will be very missed and we wish her every success in her new position.

We also ask that you please bear with us during the next few weeks.

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