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We are pleased to announce the 2018 AELERT Conference will be held in Sydney 14-16 February 2018 Aerial Function Centre, UTS, Sydney

The AELERT conference is a unique opportunity for environmental law practitioners, regulators and people working with our regulated communities to come together and share experiences, knowledge and expertise.

Hosted by the NSW Environment Protection Authority, the Conference will showcase the best examples of innovative solutions to real world problems and leading practice in environmental regulation from around the country and internationally.

The AELERT 2018 Conference program, to be held over two and a half days, aims to cater for wildlife, biodiversity and conservation, pollution, marine and water regulators working at all levels of government. As well as the other practice areas that fit within our umbrella (i.e. biosecurity, cultural heritage, climate change). 

The Conference aims to strike a balance between technical and operational topics and broader policy and strategic discussions.  

Considering the modern pressures and context of environmental regulation, this conference will ask the critical question: Is being right enough?

Do we need more than the traditional regulatory tools (i.e. legislation, regulation, incentives and information) to achieve good outcomes for the environment and the community? Do we need to rethink how we use these tools? Are there other things we can be doing to better achieve our objectives?

The conference theme is posed as a question to encourage thought and discussion on the topic throughout the entire program. Are you interested in presenting at the Conference?  We are dedicated to providing regulators with the opportunity to share stories, successes and learnings. Make sure your agency is represented by submitting an abstract. Find out more about the conference streams and the abstract criteria in the event section of this website.

Early bird prices for full registration start from just $999 for non-member agencies, including tickets to the welcome reception and conference dinner. That is a $100 saving if you book and pay before 17 November 2017.

This conference presents a fantastic opportunity for government agencies and other entities associated with environmental regulation to show their support for continuous improvement in the administration and enforcement of environmental legislation.

We also invite you to consider joining AELERT. Membership is free and it offers many benefits such as opportunities to collaborate with other environmental regulators on common issues through forums, on-line communities and access to the resource library.

More information about joining AELERT can be found here.