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20-year Waste Strategy


The NSW EPA is leading the development of a 20-year Waste Strategy for NSW in partnership with Infrastructure NSW.

The Strategy will set a 20-year vision for reducing waste, driving sustainable recycling markets and identifying and improving the state and regional waste infrastructure network. 

The EPA is a leader, partner, protector and often co-investor, and a forward-thinking waste strategy is needed to provide long-term solutions to ensure NSW is prepared for the future.

Through the Strategy we want to provide industry with certainty and set goals and incentives, so the right infrastructure investments are made to meet community needs.

Over the next six months we will work closely with stakeholders including local government, industry, experts and the broader community to ensure the Strategy has a robust evidence base and addresses the key priorities for waste and resource recovery for the state. 

This will include examining similar strategies in Australia and internationally to ensure our 20-year Waste Strategy is world class.

It is expected that the Strategy will be complete at the end of 2019.

The 20-year Waste Strategy will create a long-term vision and roadmap for waste and resource recovery in NSW, and include

  • New long term 20-year goals for waste generation, resource recovery and landfill diversion
  • New policy positions and strategic directions in relation to waste avoidance and resource recovery
  • A plan for new or enhanced policies and programs to improve waste collection and distribution
  • A framework for the delivery of an integrated state infrastructure network
  • An alignment of policy and regulation to achieve long-term strategic objectives
  • A plan to strengthen data quality and access

Source: EPA NSW