Introducing the AELERT Interim CEO

AELERT has grown to a membership of over 3000 individual members and over 250 agency members. Membership spans all tiers of Australian and New Zealand Governments, universities, international governments and not for profit and other organisations. 

With this increased membership and growth across the broad sector of environmental regulation, AELERT has reached a point where its original governance model is no longer fit for purpose. On 20 August 2021 the AELERT Steering Committee made key resolutions regarding the future of AELERT. 

This included a decision to establish a Leadership Committee that will work closely with the Steering Committee to deliver the day-to-day strategic, financial and operational activities of AELERT. 

The Steering Committee agreed that an Interim CEO would be onboarded to lead the AELERT Leadership Committee and manage the process of moving AELERT towards its new governance model. The Interim CEO will play a key role in modernising AELERT and ensuring we continue to provide value for our members. 

We are pleased to announce that Mr Adam Gilligan has accepted the AELERT Interim CEO position, commencing 1 November 2021.

Adam is based in Newcastle and has most recently been in the position of Director Reulatory Operations at NSW EPA; responsible for a team of environmental regulators involved in a range of work across the state, from coal mining and power stations to rail regulation and PFAs contamination. He has spent time in emergency management, environmental regulation at a local government level, and was Co-Chair of the AELERT Better Regulation Working Group.

Please join us in welcoming Adam as Interim CEO of the AELERT Leadership Committee.


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Mark Johnson

511 days ago

Congratulations Adam.

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