Crime and Networks - Illegal trade in live animals

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Crime and Networks - Illegal trade in live animals


Wednesday, 8th Feb 2023
Melbourne, VIC
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The 'network paradigm' has been used by scholars and law enforcement practitioners to understand and respond to many different forms of crime, including co-offending, organised crime and terrorism. This workshop will provide an overview of recent research that has used a network lens to understand, prevent and disrupt crime.

Confirmed speakers:
Dr Matt O'Reilly (University of New South Wales)
Structural and functional changes in a drug trafficking network in response to changes in the availability of drugs

A/Prof Phill Cassey (University of Adelaide)
Where did the wildlife go? Illegal trade in live animals

A/Prof David Bright (Flinders University) and A/Prof Chad Whelan (Deakin University)
Co-offending patterns across crime types

Dr James Coutinho (Swinburne University)
Determinants of collaboration among competitors in multilevel organised criminal networks

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