WEBINAR: Sustainable Development in the City

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WEBINAR: Sustainable Development in the City


Saturday, 3rd Dec 2022
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The NSW Department of Planning and Environment is hosting a series of Planning Connects webinars which started on 1 May and runs until 9 July. The free weekly webinars run every Tuesday (regional focus) and Wednesday (metro focus) 12-1pm. Anyone is welcome to register.

Cities take up only 3% of the land, but consume between 60-80% of the energy and generate 75% of CO2 emissions. So how can the planning system make cities and their development more sustainable? This webinar will look at the strategic direction and recent examples for cities, as well as current research from the Institute for Sustainable Futures. Thought leaders in their fields- Gary White the Chief Planner for DPE, Dr Roel Plant the head of ISF and David Holden the associate director of a sustainability and strategic urban design consultancy – will discuss these issues.

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