AELERT-INECE Conference 2020

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AELERT-INECE Conference 2020


Tuesday, 10th Mar 2020Friday, 13th Mar 2020
Adelaide Convention Centre
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For the first time, INECE and AELERT have decided to join forces to examine and push the limits of the Conference theme: “Environmental Collaboration: Shaping the future of regulation, compliance and enforcement together.” This collaboration will open up numerous opportunities to cooperate and build capacity across regions, jurisdictions and organisations in ways that are rarely possible for environmental regulators.

This joint conference is a unique opportunity for environmental practitioners and leaders in the pollution (brown), wildlife and conservation (green) and marine (blue) subject areas as well as other environmental spheres that fit within our umbrella.

The conference will be open to members and non-members of either network alike, and there will be no restrictions on which sessions participants may attend. The conference organisers aim to attract a diverse range of perspectives for the event, and we encourage practitioners from traditionally under-represented groups to participate.


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