Pride in water networking event

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Pride in water networking event


Wednesday, 29th Mar 2023

Catch up for a digital coffee with LGBTIQ+ people and allies working in the Australian water industry.

Pride in Water is a network created for LGBTIQ+ people and allies that work in the water industry throughout Australia.

While social distancing measures remain in place and most of us are still working remotely, we're having to be creative about how we can support each other and stay connected.

We're running three online Coffee Roulette sessions in June-July:

Wednesday 17 June 2020, 3pm-4pm

Friday 26 June 2020, 3pm-4pm

Thursday 2 July 2020, 3pm-4pm

What is Coffee Roulette and how does it work?

Coffee Roulette is where people are randomly matched for a coffee meeting - or in our case a digital coffee meeting - for an informal, social chat. No work chat allowed!

The idea is to help LGBTIQ+ people and allies make connections, expand their networks, maybe learn something new - and most importantly have fun! - in a safe and supportive space.

For our Coffee Roulette sessions, we'll start off with the whole group and then break out into smaller groups. Each session will have a host to help get things started and manage the breakout rooms.

Who is it for and what do I need to participate?

All LGBTIQ+ people and allies working in the water industry are welcome, across Australia and beyond. Come to one, two or all three sessions, it's up to you!

We'll be using Zoom video conferencing. If you haven't used Zoom before you can download it for free here.


Coffee Roulette sessions are for social connection only, they are not counselling sessions. If you require LGBTIQ+ counselling services we recommend you contact QLife.

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