Research and Publication Initiative

AELERT booksThe Research and Publications Initiative (RP&I) allows AELERT to develop and collate publications from our member practitioners and agencies. Practitioners and member agencies can contribute stories in terms of their successes, challenges and lessons learned in the following formats:

  • A 500-700 word snapshot, providing a brief overview or summary of a topic or learning.
  • A 1500 -2000 word article that describes an issue, initiative or project, including the drivers/catalyst for the project, the challenges faced, the actions taken and the outcomes and learnings.

Recent Articles


This basic template was developed at the request of the AELERT Steering Committee to help shape article/publication submissions. Please note that the template is a living document and therefore we are keen to receive feedback and comments as members begin to use it.

Download template

Article submission process

The aim and purpose of this initiative is to simply have member agencies start documenting their stories/learning’s and making them available – on the Members Only area of the AELERT website – for the benefit of the broader membership. Accordingly, the RP&I project team, intend to take a facilitative approach regarding the articles/publications. Therefore in terms of the submission process we simply ask that:

  • the template be used, and
  • completed articles be sent to Grant Pink in the first instance.

In terms of the quality assurance/uploading process, once articles have been received a member of the RP&I will liaise with the AELERT Secretariat to arrange uploading onto the website.

Request for articles

Potential contributors are asked to liaise with their respective AELERT Jurisdictional Representative to enable maximum marketing and leveraging of articles submitted. The agreement of the AELERT Steering Committee is for each jurisdiction to submit two articles per year, therefore on a pro-rata basis at least one every six months.

Request for assistance

Please consider Grant Pink, RP&I project lead, as your first point of contact for this initiative.